Mr Costigan said road infrastructure was “sadly lacking” in the most urbanised part of his electorate and with more housing estates planned for the Northern Beaches, action was needed. He said the $50m for the new arterial would come out of his $2b Roads to Revival program, funded by mining royalties and only for road infrastructure in North, Far North and Central Queensland.

“The people of the Northern Beaches are becoming increasingly fed up with more and more delays on Mackay Bucasia Road during peak hour,” said Mr Costigan, who pointed out that it would be the Department of Transport and Main Roads with the job of coming up with a preferred route.

One option, he believed, could be using Pacific Drive in Blacks Beach, which had originally been designed for a much wider road, and extending it south, building bridges over McCready’s Creek and Aspley Creek and then linking up with Slade Point Road to give motorists access into the CBD.

“If the McCready’s Creek option was pursued, for example, the Northern Beaches would have a direct link to Mackay Harbour and Mackay Marina and that would be a win-win for the Beaches and the Port of Mackay itself whilst also providing easy access into the city and places on the southern side of the Pioneer River. That said, it’s a matter for the engineers at TMR,” he said.

Mr Costigan, who made the announcement this morning on busy Mackay Bucasia Road, said the Palaszczuk Labor Government had showed no interest in a second access road whilst the LNP Opposition had mooted a ‘feasibility study’ in-keeping with other areas of public policy.

“The LNP, or the South East Liberals, have become famous for feasibility studies – whether it’s a new coal-fired power station using technology that is already proven or a new dam that can give us water security and local jobs. Now, they’re keen to do a study for a second access road for the Northern Beaches and I wonder what my constituents think of that when stuck in traffic,” he said.

“These people, from Rural View through to Shoal Point, all know there is a traffic problem and it’s not going away, with more housing estates coming. They know our roads are sadly lacking. That is why, if NQ First secures the balance of power on October 31, we’ll stump up with $50m to deliver that second arterial road into the Northern Beaches but it can only happen under NQ First