This Policy Statement was endorsed by the Party Executive on 20 September 2020.

Within the context of this document, ‘The State of North Queensland’ is, (by means described herein), a yet to be precisely defined area of Central, North and Far North Queensland which, if so enacted, becomes the new State of the Commonwealth of Australia known as ‘North Queensland.’

Our Commitment to the People

North Queensland First, hereon referred to as ‘NQ First’ or ‘The Party’, gives the following commitment to the people of Central, North and Far North Queensland:

“That should NQ First candidates be elected to the Parliament of Queensland, they will actively advocate for a separate State of North Queensland and will vote in the affirmative on any motion that provides for the initiation of the process to create such a new State, a process in which the people will have the opportunity to participate.”

Furthermore, “We commit that, if NQ First is given the opportunity to form part of a minority Queensland State Government, a non-negotiable condition of any agreement to form such Government shall be that:

  1. On taking office, the Government shall, in the first sitting of the 57th Parliament, initiate the process to deliver statehood to the residents and regions of Central, North and Far North Queensland. This shall be with the establishment of an Independent Commission to determine the proposed borders of the separate State of North Queensland that encompasses those regions; without dividing established communities; while ensuring that, within the recommended borders, there is sufficient population and resources that would guarantee its viability as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Independent commission may also make recommendations as to the location of the new State Capital.
  1. Subsequent to the determination of the borders by the Independent Commission, the Government shall pass a New State Referendum Act that provides for the conducting of a referendum allowing the constituents within the determined borders to vote on the proposition of establishing a North Queensland State.
  1. The Government shall make provision to fund equally, both the Referendum Yes Case and No Case to the amount of no less than $10,000,000.00.
  1. If the result of such Referendum is in the affirmative, the Government of Queensland shall thereupon pass an Act to establish the new State of North Queensland from territory presently being part of the State of Queensland, together with other enabling and procedural legislation, and formally advise the Government of the Commonwealth pursuant to Section 124 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.”

NQ First has Confidence in the People

NQ First has developed this Policy because the Party believes in the People of Central, North and Far North QLD. We have absolute confidence in the ability of the nearly one million residents of Central, North and Far North QLD to govern their regions as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia, so much so, that we have enshrined our determination to create a North Queensland State in our party Constitution.

Additionally, we are adamant that our residents are deserving of no less political representation than is afforded the 520,000 residents of the State of Tasmania. These being:

  1. A bicameral Parliament,
  2. A 25-member legislative Assembly,
  3. A 15-member legislative Council,
  4. 5 Federal House of Representatives members and
  5. 12 Federal senators.

NQ First’s Point of Difference

Both the Labor Party and the Liberal National Party are resolved to preside over the relentless decline of political representation for Central, North and Far North Queensland regions, safe in the knowledge that their representatives in our regions will always serve the best interests of their respective SE QLD-based Parliamentary leadership rather than the people who elected them.

One Nation’s leader, Senator Pauline Hanson, in Rockhampton on the 10th October 2019 has, in opposing the proposition of the creation of a North Queensland State, cast a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the ability of the nearly one million residents of our region to govern themselves and has determined that they are not deserving of at least the same political representation as the 520,000 residents of Tasmania. We disagree.

The Katter’s Australia Party, while for a decade it has made references in support of a North Queensland State, is well short of a commitment that would deliver such an outcome.

Again, North Queensland First reiterates that our commitment to and confidence in, the people and regions of Central and North Queensland is such that the objective of creating a separate State is enshrined in our Constitution. A position from which we will never resile.